Two Teens Rob Mexican Woman On Live – Mexican Mafia Puts Hit On Them (+VIDEO)

Two African American teens from Los Angeles are wanted by the law, and by Mexican gangs, for robbing a woman selling corn in broad daylight. It’s now a matter of who catches up with the teens first.

On Saturday, the two teens pulled up on a Mexican woman, selling corn snacks on the side of the road. They teens attacked the immigrant woman, choked her and stole her money.

The two alleged robbers live-streamed the robbery on IG Live. The video of the robbery immediately went viral and now, a top Mexican gang in Los Angeles ‘The Mexican Mafia’ allegedly put a “green light” or a hit out on the two alleged robbers.

Internet detectives quickly went to work – and claim to have figured out the address of the two teens from the video, who allegedly robbed the woman. According to reports, shooters from the local Mexican gang have already pulled up to the home where the teens are believed to live.

One of the shooters actually Livestreamed himself driving by their home, carrying a gun and preparing for a drive-by:

Later the shooters came back, and allegedly fired two shots at the home. Its not known whether the two teens were home at the time.

It’s been confirmed that the two teens are now on the run from the police and the gangs.

Here’s an interview by the woman who was robbed. The interview is conducted in Spanish, but the woman claims that she’s scared and traumatized by the robbery.


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