This Woman Shows That There Is A Lawsuit Against Obama, Clintons and Many Others For Organ Trafficking

So I’ve had a few not many people doubt the authenticity of the document I found. So here we have it. I first and foremost want to thank the lady who got sacked and potentially risked her life.

But here we have it my lovelies the video to someone logging into the court system and finding that indeed as we speak there’s a court case being served and the only one not talking about it are the media.

We have, The Clintons , Obama, BILL GATES, Mark Zucherburg, Amazon google and many more getting a court case dealt to them of Organ harvesting, Human/child trafficking, selling our info to control us to the elites and many more.

I’ve attached the supporting documentation so that everyone can read the full things themselves #thereset 💓💡🔌

Original document from December 2019-…

Amended from March 2020-…/gov.uscourts.casd.660353.3.…

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