SpaceX Unmanned Test Rocket Explodes on Launch Pad

Elon Musk is having a rough week — one of his SpaceX rockets ignited into a massive ball of fire Friday, and yet … there’s still some good news.

The company’s 4th prototype of its Starship rocket was fueled up on a south Texas launchpad when it burst into flames. You can hear SpaceX engineers discussing something about a possible methane leak, though it’s unclear if that was from the rocket or something nearby the pad.

Either way … something lit Elon’s baby on fire. Luckily, the test was unmanned — unlike the Crew Dragon spacecraft, they hope to send into orbit on Saturday from Cape Canaveral.

As you know, Thursday’s launch was scrubbed due to crappy weather in Florida. Right now, the launch still only has a 50/50 shot of going off as scheduled. It rains a lot in FL and could get pushed to Sunday.

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