Producer Sean Garrett: Terius ‘The Dream’ Nash Has Been ‘S**king Jay Z’s D**k!’

Last night, producer Sean Garrett and Terius “The Dream” Nash had a beat battle which aired on Instagram Live. But the two of them got pretty personal, Garrett accused The Dream of sucking up to Jay Z and Beyonce.

In this quarantine period, more and more entertainers took it online to sing or generally spend time with their fans. So early this week, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz took it to Instagram to have a virtual beat battle which was legendary.


Now Swizz announced a new virtual songwriting battle, between The Dream and Sean Garrett.

Swizz made the announcement on his page and wrote: “Me and my brother decided to show respect to the songwriters tonight. This one is going to be Crazyyyyy hits only … Who do you have winning?” But things between them got pretty serious and personal.

Before their Instagram DJ battle, the two started trash talking each other before hand. But Sean’s trash talk turned personal – and he brought up The Dream’s relationship with Jay Z and Beyonce.

Both have collaborated with the two of them, writing some of Beyonce’s classic singles like “Single Ladies” or “Upgrade U.”

During the stream, Sean said: “I’m not out here tap dancing for none of these n**gas. That’s what you do. You be riding n**gas d**ks, wearing their chains and all that type of goofy sh*t. That’s what you do. I love Jay Z, and I love Beyonce, but I’m not out here s**king that n**gas d**k, that’s what you do.”

Image: Fact Magazine

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