Cardi B Rushed To Hospital Over Stomach Pains

Female rap star Cardi B, was recently admitted to the hospital after suffering from stomach pains. She shared a photo of her wrist bracelet to confirm she had been admitted.

Cardi made it known on Wednesday night that after experiencing “some real bad stomach problems for 4 days”, she made the decision Tuesday night to go to the ER.

TMZ broke the news that the “Money” rapper was in the hospital this week for abdominal pain and she’s reportedly feeling better. She sent out a tweet, which has since been deleted.


“Honestly cause I been having some real bad stomach problems for 4 days, I went to the ER last night and I’m feeling way better. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel no more pain,” wrote the rapper.

Cardi’s already back to posting funny stuff on social media, like a Donald Duck meme just hours ago about going back to sleep instead of waking up and cooking. She captioned it … “Mood right f***in now.”

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