‘ Honey Boo Boo ’ Stars Anna Cardwell & Jessica Shannon Get Plastic Surgery Makeovers By Dr. Miami!

‘Honey Boo Boo’ stars, siblings Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon get plastic surgery makeovers and they look completely different!

The Honey Boo Boo sibling-stars are following their mother June “Mama June” Shannon‘s footsteps as they get surgeries to change their looks.

The sisters spent thousands of dollars on their makeover!


23-year-old Jessica Shannon who weighed over about 289 pounds went through a series of surgeries to being her weight down to 185 pounds.

Here’s a BEFORE image of Jessica:

They revealed that the surgeries were done before Covid 19 quarantine.

June’s eldest daughter Anna Cardwell, 26, also got multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her face and body.

Anna got work done on her upper body as she got a breast lift and implants — going from a B cup to a D cup which was performed by Dr. Michael K. Obeng.

She also got 16 veneers from Dr. Aamir Wahab.

In total Anna spent $47,450 on her surgeries.

Jessica too went through a few surgeries mainly to get her body in shape.

One of the surgeries she received was by Dr. Samuel Kashani of Beverly Hills who inserted an Orbera Balloon into her stomach to help with weight loss. This surgery cost her $17,000. 

She also received 360 liposuctions on her tummy, flanks, back and bra area, all of which cost $30,000. 

Finally, Jessica also got some work done on her teeth too. She got eight veneers fitted to her top teeth along with laser whitening with cost her $17,000. 

So in total, Jessica spent about $64,000 on her surgeries.




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