50 Cent Shares R Kelly COVID-19 Meme & It’s Hell Savage

50 Cent Shares Savage R Kelly Coronavirus Meme On Instagram
While Tekashi 6ix9ine is set to leave jail anytime soon due to the Coronavirus outbreak, disgraced R&B star R Kelly’s fate has been sealed as he’ll remain in jail amid COVID-19 pandemic.

In the past weeks, R Kelly has been working with his legal team to be granted an early release from prison as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately for him, his appeals have been unsuccessful to date.

50 Cent has been taunting the incarcerated singer for a while now. Last month, he shared a meme that has the basketball legend sitting next to disgraced singer R Kelly, who is currently awaiting multiple trials for allegedly sexually abusing dozens of little girls.

“Heard you had a daughter now,” says R. Kelly in a text bubble above his head. “U touch her I’ll kill ya,” responds Wade.

The Power executive producer’s recent April Fool’s Day joke was possibly the most savage one yet. Sharing a fake tweet headline from TMZ, 50 Cent laughed that R. Kelly had contracted a spin-off version of COVID-19.

“Damn boy, if it wasn’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have luck,” 50 wrote in the caption, making fun of the current state of R. Kelly’s life.

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