18 Year Old Girl On Snapchat Live Threatens To Spread Coronavirus At Walmart

18 year old girl from Texas is expected to be charged with making a Coronavirus after she’s seen on Snapchat video attempting to spread the virus to others.

Authorities have identified the girl as Lorraine Maradiaga, and she now faces a charge of making a terroristic threat.

Lorraine claimed in a series of Snapchat videos that she suspected she had the coronavirus and wanted to “willfully spread” it to others. Dallas police told the media yesterday that the teenager is currently wanted by the law.

In the viral clip, she appears to take a COVID-19 test at one of Texas’ drive-thru testing sites. While there, a health care professional can be heard telling Lorraine that she needs to go home and wait for test results.

But in another video, Lorraine is clearly still out in public, at a Walmart store. “I’m here at Walmart about to infest every motherfcker, because if I’m going down, all you motherfckers are going down,” she can be heard saying.

It’s not clear whether Lorraine was actually infected with the deadly virus, or she had the ability to transmit it virus to others but police are taking the matter seriously.

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